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Minstone by Interior Designer

Started back in 2005, CKS Stone Sdn Bhd was rebranded as Minstone by MinsDesign. We’re one of Malaysia’s largest suppliers & importers of quality various stone products & installations. With a vision to provide natural stones, & man-made stones to be accessible by urban lifestyle homeowners, we provide a comprehensive range of stones so that your spaces would also be complemented by the natural beauty of stones.



Crack & Impact Resistant

Stain Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Scratch Resistant

Fire Resistant

Affordable & Budget Friendly

We incorporate your budget only on the best quartz stone quality in order to provide you with your dream design!

Crack & Impact Resistant

Any slightly heavy objects that fall on the surface crack your kitchen top? Or even suddenly the kitchen top got a crack line without any clue.

Stain Resistant

Afraid of food gravy, curry, turmeric, and even coffee powder stains on your kitchen top?

Scratch Resistant

After using your kitchen top for a while, minor scratches here and there? 

Chemical Resistant

Dishwash liquid makes your kitchen top change color? Afraid of other acidic foods like Lemon, lime, or coke make your kitchen discoloration?

Fire Resistant

Afraid of putting a hotpot on your kitchen top and then causing a burnt mark?

Featured Designer Quartz Stones

Featured Designer Sintered Stones

Featured Designer Granite Stones

MDQ001 Black Silver

MDQ003 Black Saphire


Happy Customers

Strive to provide the best quality & service of products to our customers!



Our stones or natural stones are all from over the world & handpicked by our designers! 

120 +

In-House Designer & Installers

Our team of professional designers & installers for our stone products are all highly experienced & skilled!

Ordering ProcessStone

Contact Us To Order

A simple form fills up or whatsapp chat to order & we will contact you soon with details.

Site Visit

Our team will do some research, site measurement, and checks before providing you with your dream designs. A proper visual for you to envision through our 3D-rendered interior design!

Finalizing Design & Styles

We recognize good design adds value to the economy and quality of life. We involve design disciplines in problem solving situations. We consciously evolve our design ideas to cater to the changing times and to the different briefs.

Build & Installation

Our job is to provide you with the best combination of a beautiful design and functionality. Together with our team of builders that are highly experienced in a high level of craftsmanship – we’re ready to build the best for you!

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