About MinStone

Professional Team of Designers & Stone Supplier in Malaysia

Vivian Min

Founder of MinsDesign & CEO of Minstone by CKS Stone Construction Sdn.Bhd.

Vivian is an energetic individual that passion about interior design, fashion, travels & food! 

Most of the design project led by her & take full responsibility from start to end!

Who We Are

Started back in 2005, CKS Stone Sdn Bhd was rebranded as Minstone by MinsDesign. We’re one of Malaysia’s largest importers of quality various stone products & installation. With a vision to provide natural stones, & man-made stones to be accessible by urban lifestyle homeowners, we provide a comprehensive range of stones so that your spaces would also be complemented by the natural beauty of stones.


We build and design meaningful connections with our clients to revolutionize the ways how interior designs are envisioned and created in order to lead the path in the industry by showcasing our passion & expertise!

Our team’s core value is to provide the finest natural stones to our customers at a reasonable price and incorporate beautiful designs for every project with us!


To be your one and only stone specialist, supplier & installer in Malaysia that you need and also to be the best benchmark in the natural stone industry by highlighting the difference we made for you!

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